Mourning Freedom Day

This day marks 27 years of what supposed to be democracy and freedom, which is supposed to be celebrated by everyone in South Africa however little has changed the majority of our people in this country voted for the first time ever in national elections. To the majority of those people that braved the elements to cast their vote, that vote symbolized lot to them, for some it symbolized the end of injustice, poverty, the end of joblessness, but as years have gone, many are becoming to realize that they were sold a dream that was never intended to be a reality.

The F4SD is mourning this day due to reversed wheels of what was supposed to be an era of freedom, democracy, hope and national unity into corruption, cadre deployments and nepotism by the ANC government. The FASD is mourning 27 years of unemployment, landlessness, lack of water and sanitation Forum 4 Service Delivery is willing and capable to deliver services, restore and reform our economy Let’s all go out on the 27 October and make a change vote FASD Issued on behalf of F4SD

#Tsamaya Le Rona

“Stop watering people who do not want to grow”- Dr Mbahare J Kekana.

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Ward Manifesto

F4SD is putting ordinary people back in power. Through independent community councillors and young councillors among others F4SD aims to : *Provide free quality water

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