F4SD Donate School Shoes programme


The community movement Forum 4 Service Delivery (F4SD) in Merafong City, West Rand has today donated school shoes to needy learners of three primary schools in Khutsong, Carletonville. This donation is a small gesture on the part of F4SD whilst we hope it will go a long way in the hearts of the disadvantaged learners. F4SD has declared that no learner must attend school without school shoes. Whilst prisoners receive free meals, uniforms and study for free; our learners are at the receiving end of this uncaring government which is looking the other way whilst communities struggle with school uniforms, stationery and sometimes expensive school fees. F4SD calls for a free, quality, dynamic and compulsory education with 50% minimum pass mark. Under the F4SD administration it will be compulsory for all children of school going age to attend school. School shoes were donated to Phororong, Tsitsiboga and Kamohelo Primary Schools. More schools will be visited in the near future to determine the need and demand of our learners. No learner will be left out. Issued on behalf of the F4SD Merafong City.

#Tsamaya Le Rona

“Stop watering people who do not want to grow”- Dr Mbahare J Kekana.

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