Africa Day Celebration

The F4SD commemorate 25th of may annually to recognize the unity and solidarity of Africans characterized in common pan African ideals and philosophy of victory over colonization of Africa. Historically, the commemoration of Africa day came into force and effective followed the formation and establishment of organization African Unity (OAU), currently African Union (AU) on 25th of may 1953in Ethopia, Addis Ababa in which thirty two (32) African independent states signed charter in 1963.

African day is a day in which Africa as continent had made victory in decolonization and eradication of European imperialism. Pan-African vision, unity and solidarity are principles to envision the economic, political, social and cultural integration of Africa for the realization of genuine oneness of Africans. The F4SD would like to pay tributes and respects to all Pan-African heroes and heroines (pioneers) of African nations and states who took historic courage to establish Pan-African political and people’s movements in pr nciples of Pan-Africanism to liberated African from imperialism.


#Tsamaya Le Rona

“Stop watering people who do not want to grow”- Dr Mbahare J Kekana.

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