The Forum 4 Service Delivery (F4SD) is a South African civic political party founded in 2015 to tackle grassroot issues such as water, sanitation, housing, immigration laws, Housing And Sanitation, Electoral Reform, education and children going to school without shoes. The F4SD embodies its founding principles in the following four (04) pillars; Grassroots democracy, Economic and social justice, Non-violence and Environmental Sustainability​

F4SD aims for positive change in communities around South Africa. F4SD strives to bring fresh ideas and positive solutions and other attributes to the appropriate regime body by running for state power. According to the 2016 Local Government Elections statistics F4SD is the 4th biggest political party in the North West Province having amassed 55 202 votes and winning 29 Proportional Representative (PR) council seats. F4SD is also represented in municipalities in Mpumalanga and the Free State wherein we have one seat per province.

Our Vision

Vigilant residents fully in charge of Service Delivery.

Our Mission

To educate and give power back to residents and ensure appreciation to all that is constitutionally within their reach

Our Values

Commitment, Empowerment, Sharing.

Forum 4 Service Delivery is a waiting organization

• Distributing services to our people regardless of their status / quality or economic status (Their economic standing / position).
This is what it means:
• We don’t discriminate in the eyes of Forum 4 Service Delivery people / community we don’t see gender or status as we have experienced in other political parties.
• We are ′′ gender-Sensitive ′′ using the leading use of the seeng. It means we’re legally drowning if you remind us to take the equity Act along with Equality Clause. These rules, both focuses on the attention of everyone’s interests – Father and Mother’s – and especially Mother’s.
• We are willing to deliver services to you as soon as you wish and the ability we have no matter what the situation is.
• We intend to bring services to you ′′ Tadi is quiet ′′ – broad day light – everyone is watching. Everyone checks out if they have a chance to do so don’t be closed outside.
• We’re not a family-friendly association: Join us and be one of us – listen to your ears when we use your thoughts:
(A) We are your organization.
We are looking for friendship – your part.
(C) We need your advice.
(D) We and you are a bastard together we should not die of the voice.


Join thousands of South African who want to make a difference. #TsamayaLeRona